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As a creative team leader I take pride in hiring and cultivating exceptional talent, empowering them, setting a decisive creative vision and getting out of their way. Leaders that people want to work for and that produce the best results are the ones that see themselves not in the driver's seat, but riding shotgun. Great leaders navigate the path using experience and creative problem-solving, always looking 100 yards ahead for roadblocks and potholes, providing their team with the best tools and guidance possible to reach the finish line.



Working in advertising and television/film production for over 15 years I have lead on multi-million dollar campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world. Over the last eleven years I have lead projects totaling 65 Million dollars on national campaigns including Verizon, L'Occitaine, T-Mobile and Kerastase, building a team of creatives and producers from the ground up.


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An idea is only as good as the strategy used to conceive it. I have lead campaigns with budgets over 55 million dollars across multiple platforms including, print, digital, television, POS, social and branded content.


We all take the most pride in our work when we are part of a team that “clicks”, driving towards a shared goal. I believe in a mentor-first approach to leadership, assembling teams of creatives and problem solvers, leading by example and building coalitions.


We are all speaking English, but none of us are speaking the same language. Successful collaboration starts by understanding the definition of success for every stakeholder and agency partner, addressing those needs and aligning them to actionable and achievable common goals.


You are what you're doing tomorrow. As a creative leader it is imperative to have a pulse on the creative and cultural landscape; to be innovative with purpose.


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I arrived at Invodo at the same time as Kristen, so I was able to watch as she built, practically from scratch, the team and production processes that were instrumental in turning the company into the online and in-store commercial powerhouse it is today. She possesses a sure hand on the wheel of the ship, a seemingly effortless leadership style, an unfailing creative instinct, positivity in the face of arising issues, and people skills that make her beloved among her colleagues.

Kristen has always known how to get something done. I think it's a combination of presentation style, her ability to really "get" people, and a vast knowledge of her industry. She can come up with the cleverest of options for your project, single-handedly wrangle a difficult personality, and did I mention she can turn the most ridiculous idea into solid gold? She is the best person I know to have on your side when a job gets rough. I would bring her onto any project. I have also let her know that if I end up in jail, she would be my one call.